Rose Gold Obsession

I have been naughtily doing some shopping lately with some Rose Gold inspiration behind it. Along with my first ever pair of Rose Gold earrings (not the fake stuff, the real stuff EEK!) I also went bag shopping – cause who doesn’t need more bags just in case right? I’m not am overly big user of Pinterest … More Rose Gold Obsession

Start of Something New

Hey guys! Sensitive topic for myself (big ego) – education. To some people’s amazement, I actually never finished high school. Never finished a degree (despite the amount of time I spent in university) and never received any kind of certificate for any qualification. I am qualification-less. Now, I love learning. It’s something I enjoy immensely. … More Start of Something New


I’m back! From December last year when I posted a lot has happened – I moved out of home for the first time, joined a gym, signed up for a course, and work full time. Yeah, I’ve been pretty busy. With everything that’s changed, finally being settled again, I’m ready to start writing again. Stay tuned … More Update

Wake Up Call

In just under a fortnight I might be going to Melbourne to attend PAX. Anyone else may be excited, but I’m terrified. Not of the plane, the event, or even the crowd. It’s the thought that I’ve gained so much weight over the past 18 months that people may be less accepting of me, and … More Wake Up Call