Change in Seasons

It’s finally getting colder! I love the colder months because they can be so much more…practical? At least clothing wise. I’m not even sure if that’s the right word to use. Comparing the hotter months to the cold – in the heat it’s all sweaty and sticky and people who are moving outside work up a … More Change in Seasons

Becoming an Author

I’ve been searching recently for some new books to read. I considered a subscription box service such as OwlCrate where I would get a random book once a month with some random bits and bobs attached. Or trying out a book club and getting some socializing in as well. Goodreads also have a tonne of … More Becoming an Author

Super Work Week

Hi Guys! I’ve been a bit absent due to complete lack of doing things. For example, I didn’t return to work until this week, and as such, didn’t really leave the house and get out there and do much. I also didn’t do any reading or studying, or any of the things I was supposed … More Super Work Week


Hey guys! I write this from my phone in my hospital bed. Surgery went wonderfully and I’m feeling tired but okay (thanks painkillers!!).  After many shuffling of theatre times, I finally went in at 11am and woke up at 12:45. Really happy it went quick so less of a bill for the anaesthetic.  The plan … More Surgery

Rose Gold Obsession

I have been naughtily doing some shopping lately with some Rose Gold inspiration behind it. Along with my first ever pair of Rose Gold earrings (not the fake stuff, the real stuff EEK!) I also went bag shopping – cause who doesn’t need more bags just in case right? I’m not am overly big user of Pinterest … More Rose Gold Obsession