Wake Up Call

In just under a fortnight I might be going to Melbourne to attend PAX. Anyone else may be excited, but I’m terrified. Not of the plane, the event, or even the crowd. It’s the thought that I’ve gained so much weight over the past 18 months that people may be less accepting of me, and … More Wake Up Call

Volleyball + Sick

Hiya guys! I had volleyball again this Monday and guess what – we finally WON! Thanks to my awesome team that didn’t hit the ball my way as I am currently sick and really shouldn’t have been going outside around people, let alone touching a ball that 11 other people will be handling (sorry guys). … More Volleyball + Sick

My New Hobby

For a while, on and off, my boyfriend and I have gone with some friends on random Fridays to a social volleyball night. For $15 you play as many games as you want – no prefriday team organising required either, come with or without friends, and play until your exhausted and covered in sand in … More My New Hobby