I have so much stuff to move! Today started with going to a job interview – turned out to be in a group of 8, which was okay. If I fail to obtain that job,  at least I get 30% off when I go in to shop there next (silver linings yay!). Now that I … More Moving

A Blugh Week

This week has been full of hormones, emotions, and general laziness mixed in with some pretty teenage-like mood swings. All week I’ve been feeling tired and worn down. I had an interview on Wednesday and got a job at a temp firm (YAY! victory)  but stressing for that drove me a bit crazy. Also, even though … More A Blugh Week

Finding a Hobby

I have been unemployed and out of a learning environment for two months now. At first it seemed everything was great! I could wake up whenever, do what I wanted, no pressure to be anywhere or see anyone or get dressed a certain way to appease an employer. But as time has gone on, it … More Finding a Hobby

Running Pains

I’ve been trying (inconsistently) to get into running and fitness and such. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve done any kind of physical activity where my heart goes above 110 bpm, so when I do exercise, my body is, well, lets just say I feel like I’m being held together by duct tape … More Running Pains